Online counseling

Online counseling sessions (via Skype)

Online counseling with the use of Skype allows to overcome physical distance and take advantage of the virtual proximity offered by new technologies, in order to meet with the therapist of your choice. Your therapist can now be based almost anywhere in the world.

Various factors may lead someone to choose online counseling: relocation, living in a remote area with no access to a therapist, a preference for therapy from home or from the office, therapy during travel, or even therapy in one’s preferred language.

In providing online counseling, I abide by the same standards of privacy, confidentiality and professional ethics as with traditional psychotherapy. Even though traditional face to face psychotherapy remains the first option, online sessions have proven to be equally effective in assisting patients address almost any kind of issue: anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship issues, loss or separation, bereavement, family concerns, body image distortions, withdrawal and adaptation issues, low self-esteem etc. For practical reasons, couples and family sessions cannot be held through Skype.

To get started, you will need a reliable internet connection, familiarity with the Skype environment, and a private room.

Online sessions are paid in advance by bank transfer. You may pay for one session at a time, or four sessions at a time, in advance. Fees and bank details will be communicated to you at the time of booking your initial Skype consultation. Once payment is confirmed, I will ask for your Skype name and provide you with mine.


Sessions are usually weekly and last an hour, by appointment – in Greek, English and French. If necessary, they can be conducted on a more frequent basis.

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