“I do not need a psychologist, I have friends …”

Indeed, psychological support in the sense of encouragement may also be provided by the environment of friends, family, a partner and many others. At the same time, psychotherapy is not a panacea, nor can anyone be led there by coercion. Experience has shown us that one turns to a psychologist when they have gone through and excluded all other options, and are faced with personal or interpersonal difficulties which they can no longer manage alone. Offering a framework of professional secret and confidential communication with an expert on human psyche, psychotherapy allows a person to articulate what makes them suffer, in honest and unexpected terms. Articulating their concerns there, within the therapeutic relationship, they manage to elaborate them and see more clearly; they then can become free to make those options that will allow them to fully enjoy life.

Depending on the specific needs each individual addresses us with, we offer individual counseling and psychotherapy, couples therapy, family therapy, counseling and psychotherapy for adolescents, counseling with an emphasis in infertility, and online counseling.

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