Counseling and psychotherapy with an emphasis on Infertility

Acknowledging both the physical and psychological challenges of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments, infertility counseling and psychotherapy provide couples or individuals separately with the support they need, in order to adapt to the circumstances of treatment and cope with its difficulties.

The purpose of the therapeutic process is to allow couples to work through and come to an acceptance of the intense emotional states they are experiencing with respect to IVF. Through a personalized approach that addresses the needs of each couple, individual, couple and / or group sessions are proposed throughout the treatments and especially during hormonal therapy, prior to egg retrieval, prior to embryo transfer, but also after receiving the results, as well as during pregnancy.

Our experience in the IVF and Gynecology Unit – EmBIO Medical Center in Athens, Greece, and the Center for Sperm and Egg Conservation (CECOS) of the Hospital Cochin Port Royal in Paris, France, has demonstrated the benefits of the therapeutic process. It appears that it allows individuals

  • to renew their self-confidence,
  • think in a more optimistic way, and at the same time,
  • achieve better stress-coping strategies.


Counseling during IVF with Egg / Sperm / Embryo Donation 

In the cases of IVF with oocyte and / or sperm donation, working with a psychologist allows couples or individuals to elaborate the complex issues pertaining to having a child in this particular way, and build together the history of the family that will be created.


Individual sessions are usually weekly and last 50 minutes, while couples’ sessions last about 90 minutes, by appointment – in Greek, English and French. If necessary, sessions can be conducted on a more frequent basis.

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