Coronavirus and the deeper roots of the anxiety it causes

Written by Vassiliki Simoglou on March 21st, 2020. Posted in Articles, Media

Coronavirus and the root of our anxiety about catching it

Press article published in The National AE by Dr. Vassiliki Simoglou March 16, 2020.

How does stress affect your life?

Written by Vassiliki Simoglou on July 11th, 2016. Posted in Articles

How does stress affect your life?

Hectic everyday life, various commitments, lack of time, financial difficulties etc.,… we all have at least one reason to get worried. As an integral part of our day to day life, stress and anxiety can be experienced in various degrees: they can be more or less severe, and in some cases they may hinder our ability to cope with everyday life, affecting our mental state or even our bodies. Mental disorders like panic disorder, social phobia, and generalized anxiety disorder, but also bodily symptoms such as high blood pressure, excessive sweating, migraine, irregular eating patterns, hair loss, etc., have been associated with stress.

The effect of advertisements on children

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It has been estimated that a child watches 40,000 television advertisements on average per year. These advertisements mainly promote products such as toys and food of doubtful nutritional value. The televisual image with its immediacy invades the psychic space of children in a violent manner, generating needs and desires that probably would not have been created otherwise.

Depression: the psychological epidemic of our times

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Psychological suffering, today more than ever, takes the form of depression, while at the same time, modern society imposes on individuals all those “life freedoms” which would be supposed to allow them to be happy. Suffering in their body and soul from this particular syndrome where sadness and apathy, self-depreciation and guilt are interwoven, the depressed individual of our times no longer believes in any treatment.

Violence against women

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I couldn’t speak about it… I had suffered too long and kept my pain to myself… I don’t know what made me call the police that night. I was sweeping my blood out of the floor and decided to do it without too much thinking. That was my life for eight years. They asked me how come I hadn’t spoken earlier… I couldn’t leave him, I was so afraid of him… I had gotten used to it, I had accepted it as if it were normal… At times it felt like I deserved it…” (K.)

Psychological Experience in the IVF Clinic

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Intervention at the APPAC Convention, Athens – Hilton, 6.5.2010

Assisted reproduction techniques, with their sophistication and significant success rates, have re-established hope in infertile couples, providing solutions where there were none or very few. However, the various therapy stages and the acknowledgement of not being able to have a child the natural way, tend to increase couples’ levels of stress, equally challenging their marital relationship. Infertility is almost always accompanied by feelings of anxiety, disappointment and frustration towards a pressing desire that is not fulfilled, which in turn, may negatively affect the evolution of treatment.

Rock music on the couch

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How does music affect our soul?

Sound, rhythm, music… Apart from being artistic expressions of human creativity, they seem to be related to primitive aspects of the human soul, that’s why their psychological, therefore therapeutical effects have been researched upon since antiquity. Music Therapy, meaning the use of music and elements of music in therapeutical goals, has been applied since the early 40’s. What are the psychological effects of music? And what can one discover while listening to a rock album?

The Ego is not master in its own house.

S. Freud


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