On the 3 Essays on the Theory of Sexuality

Written by Vassiliki Simoglou on July 3rd, 2011. Posted in Psychoanalysis

On the 3 Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, Sigmund Freud, 27.11.02

General points

Out of all of his books, Freud has been continuously revising, completing and up-dating this one, together with the Interpretation of Dreams, for some twenty years after its first publication in 1905. Its last revision, the one of 1924-25, is actually contemporary to the publication of “Instincts and their vissicitudes”. The Three Essays, “one of Freud’s most original and memorable contributions to human knowledge”, (the judgement is of James Strachey) were so badly received that they turned Freud universally unpopular… the legend says that people stopped greeting him on the street! As Jones reports, people thought of the book as immoral and of its author as wicked and obscene. But what was this book about, to launch such a storm?

Little Hans

Written by Vassiliki Simoglou on July 3rd, 2011. Posted in Psychoanalysis

Little Hans, Sigmund Freud, 11.12.2002

I will start with what I was not at ease with when I started reading Little Hans: the fact that he was not treated by Freud but by his father. Freud himself legitimates the whole process, by more or less giving credit to the father’s interpretations. Well, I only managed to overcome my ethical inhibitions towards this proceeding with a compromise: could we admit that this therapy was possible, successful even, because of this tertiary reference point/place constituted by Freud himself in both Hans’ and his father’s minds? (explain) Hans is actually more than willing to write to Professor Freud, to ask for his opinion, hoping that Freud will be able to cure him, etc. Þ transference? (i.e. p. 135: “If I write everything to the professor, my stupidity will be soon gone, won’t it?”, 143, 162). As for the father, he writes to Freud almost on a daily basis, and directs the cure being faithful to Freud’s advice.

The Ego is not master in its own house.

S. Freud


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