Violence against women

Written by Vassiliki Simoglou on 17/07/2011. Posted in Articles

I couldn’t speak about it… I had suffered too long and kept my pain to myself… I don’t know what made me call the police that night. I was sweeping my blood out of the floor and decided to do it without too much thinking. That was my life for eight years. They asked me how come I hadn’t spoken earlier… I couldn’t leave him, I was so afraid of him… I had gotten used to it, I had accepted it as if it were normal… At times it felt like I deserved it…” (K.)

K.’s testimony is only one among many testimonies of women who were abused and managed to get out of their silence, their guilt, their shame and escaped. Women enduring psychological, bodily, financial, verbal, sexual violence, women victims of family terrorism, women of shame and secrecy, they isolate themselves and refuse to share the humiliation their body and soul go through. Afraid of social criticism, they misbelieve in themselves and shut themselves with apathy in a passivity they feel they deserved or provoked. A void in the place of self-respect, self-destruction in the place of life, pain in place of the body, they endure transgression of their body and soul from another – the husband, the father, the brother – and their soul becomes one with their skin and suffers.

Where does the body begin? Where does my body end and where does the other’s body begin? What is the body, the skin? Why can’t it forget? What does it mean to insult one’s body, to attack it? The skin (as the bodily surface) encloses psychic contents limiting, thus, the psychic apparel. A person is enclosed in an envelope – the body – that unifies him. There is an interface between the inside (the soul) and the outside (the skin) that is no other than the body. Thus, when a person’s body is abused, this very interface with the soul is traumatized, and this is why any bodily abuse is above all psychological. The body does not forget its traumas, because they are embodied in the soul. Where my body ends, that’s where begins the other’s body. When this limit is taken down by violence, like in the case of abused women, the soul is fragmented and, alone, it cannot, and will not, be unified again. To the need of another to take control over a woman’s soul by violently attacking her body, the woman owes herself to respond by being brave enough to break the circle of silence.

Violence against women is another expression of sexism that represents, beyond anything else, a violation of substantial human rights. Only when women will experience themselves as equal members of this society we live in and step out of their shame and fear, will violence against women stop being a well-hidden norm and reveal itself as an insulting and shocking perversion…



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Vassiliki Simoglou

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The Ego is not master in its own house.

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